Testimonies - an adoption experience in search and reunion

H Watkins, London

 I can't thank Catrin for her amazing work in my birth mother search. She has helped me reach the end of a long journey of discovery. She was highly professional but caring at the same time and completely respectful of my wishes. She offered extremely helpful advice and kept me informed at every step of the process. I can't recommend Adoption Tracing Service highly enough. 

Karen, Wales

 "I cannot thank UKATS enough for their professional and dedicated approach in the search for my birth mother. After just a couple of months they had found my uncle and their initial work to locate my family led to me eventually finding my natural birth mother I would recommend UKATS to anyone trying to locate their natural family. Their service is very reasonably priced and the team are friendly, professional and give very sound advice." 

Simon, USA

 I am so grateful to Catrin for finding my siblings following my adoption 51 yrs ago! The whole process took under 2 weeks, and Catrin was sympathetic, kind, and thoughtful throughout the process. I am so grateful for the excellent, quick, thorough service provided. Cannot recommended highly enough. Thank you. 

Kathleen D, Australia

 "I am extremely happy with the service provided by UKATS and would recommend them to anyone. I found the service a very personal one. Once I had asked them to begin the search I was told the name of my personal researcher and was in constant touch with her through out the search. I had previously paid another service to search for my birth mother,€ I supplied this other agency with lots of information including certificates dates etc. they still failed to find my family after a couple of years trying. I also had to keep emailing them for updates UKATS found my birth family after a couple of weeks! They gave me regular updates via emails and were just at the other end of the phone if I needed to speak with them. Many thanks to Catrin and the team at UKATS." 

Phil, East Sussex

 "May I take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and support in this whole adoption experience. You provide a wonderful service and I am happy to recommend you to anyone. A happy ending with a very exciting future ahead!" 

Adam G, East Anglia

 "I can highly recommend this service...... it was a difficult search but you still managed to find my birth mother in Australia.....we are now in contact and are both so grateful to UKATS,€ we will keep in touch and let you know how things go!" 

Jacqui, Surrey

 Thank you to UK Adoption Tracing service who found my birth mother is a few weeks. This is a great service as you have a personal researcher who keeps you updated and everything is confidential. 

Ros, Birmingham

 "Your service has been comprehensive, efficient and extremely quick. You have exceeded my expectations in not only have I found out about my birth mother but also now have some insight into her family. I am extremely grateful and would not hesitate in recommending the service to others" 

David,  Essex

"A fantastic and quick service that has found that I have two half sisters after  my own research had come to a dead end. I would recommend UKATS to anybody"

Mischa,  Whitstable

Words  cannot express just how grateful I am to Catrin and UKATS, I had searched for 30  years for my birth mother, with very little luck, but Catrin and her very  dedicated team found my mother. The search went from England to Australia and  back to England again. Catrin was more than professional in her service and  communication and was solid as a rock and reassuring during what can be a very  emotional and exciting time assuring me all the time that she would find my  birth mother and Catrin did, in no less than 3 months. Her advice at the end of  the search was very useful, thoughtful and caring to all sides of the parties  involved. I also received all the documents which was lovely to have. Not only  was it a successful search it also became a successful reunion. I will be  forever grateful to Catrin and her team UKATS have truly changed my life for the  better.

Janice J, Lancs

 Thank you so much for such an efficient and confidential service.  I now have the details I needed to know.  As my birth mother is unaware of my search I can now think about if I want to contact her or not. It really has put things together for me, I would recommend UKATS to anyone requiring a professional service in a birth mother search

David J, Liverpool

 "Thank you for this service,€ I now have the details I have so longed to know. Thank you for dealing with my search in such a professional and personal way.......I hope to go on and meet my mother,€ we are sharing letters at the moment but hope to meet in the future.." 

Julian, France

 I cannot thank Catrin enough for all the help and advice for what is a very prompt and professional service. 

Carol I

 I cannot thank Catrin for everything that she has done to help me locate my real mum . We had managed to locate her to the last address and then we were stuck, so after reading other peoples experience with this service we applied for their help. I was so glad I did. They took all the information that we had gathered , and started their search. I am so glad they did as the grandparents we had found turned out to be the wrong ones, but Catrin knew what to look for and managed to track down the correct information. We ended up hitting a few brick walls , and at times I thought we would never find my mum, but Catrin did. My mother was no longer in this country, which then I thought the world is big, but Catrin found her . The e-mail I got totally shocked and surprised me, my husband paid the remainder of our bill, and within minutes I had her address. It had taken from July to October to get this information. I rang Catrin and must have sound so funny to her, every emotion possible was going through my head, I was shaking and felt like I was babbling, and bless her she was so very kind and let me babble. We then discussed the next step which was the contact step and she gave such sound advice .  Our next step is to contact my mum and see if we can have contact but if not then I will totally understand. But none of this would have been possible without this fantastic service. Whatever happens Catrin, I will always be so very grateful to you. Once again thank you for finding my birth mother from the bottom of my heart xx