A Genuine Tracing Service


We can offer:

  • specific experience in adoption searching and gaining adoption papers
  • access to links in adoption tracing, not open to all Tracing Services such as The NHS GP List. 
  • A free and comprehensive assessment of the details you have, without obligation.
  • A Personal researcher dedicated to your search and personal contact with you. 
  • Your birth relatives will NOT be aware of the search so you can decide how you may wish to proceed at the end of the search
  • Intermediary advice and recommendation given
  • A full report detailing the search and contact details of a birth relative, with supporting documents to prove the identity of your birth relative.
  • No escalating costs         



On completion of your search - and only should you wish to go on to make an approach to your birth relatives, we strongly recommend using an adoption intermediary service. This allows your birth relative time to decide how they wish to respond and research has shown that using an intermediary service has a much higher success rate of a favorable response. Most adoption intermediary services do charge - your local social service post adoption team may be able to offer this service to you at no cost. 

We will be happy to advise you of what is available to you at the end of the search. However, the decision is yours.




The UK Adoption Tracing Service have compiled these Standards to ensure that the service remains of excellent and sound quality by:

  • Replying to all initial email enquiries within one working day
  • Emailing the result of the initial free assessment within five days
  • Giving an informed and honest reply regarding the possibilities of an adoption search
  • Working within the guidelines agreed with the enquirer i.e. aspects of confidentiality,requested report dates, or particular agreed directives
  • Disclosing information only to the enquirer or other persons named by the enquirer
  • Answering any emails whilst the search is in progress within two working days
  • Supplying interim reports which contain a summary of work carried out but not the final results of the work
  • Ensuring that each search is prolific by drawing on all resources available including adoption papers
  • Continually working on a search until its completion i.e. where all avenues, to the best of the researchers knowledge have been pursued and exhausted, and where either a current name and address has been found or a full report detailing all the findings of the search is disclosed
  • Providing a clear, detailed final report on completion of a search
  • Ensuring that resources/information/links about any issues that may arise from information uncovered in a search are current and available
  • Providing information, advice and recommendation concerning intermediary services offered by recognized adoption organisations before the completion of a search
  • UKATS do not undertake any counselling or intermediary work with birth relatives