"The UK Adoption Tracing Service has been established primarily for the benefit of adoptees who are seeking a way to sensitively find and contact a relative in the United Kingdom."

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UK Adoption Tracing Service was set up in 2001 to provide a professional and experienced search service for adults who wished to find their birth parents - mainly birth mothers.
Since this time we have helped several hundred people to find their birth families and are continuing to do so using the most up to date search tools and years of specialised experience in our researchers.
Unlike many other search services we only offer our services following a free assessment so that your money is not wasted on empty promises. 
Our work has now expanded in working with Social Services Post Adoption Departments in order to help trace adopted adults under non-disclosure agreements.

You will be allocated a personal researcher, focused on that search, and with at least ten years personal and professional experience of searching for birth relatives in adoption.  They therefore understand the significance of the search. Your researcher will remain in contact with you regularly through email, where you will be encouraged to ask any questions you may have or share any thoughts.

You will receive updates and reports as the search progresses, concluding in a full report detailing all the work that has been undertaken and where possible, to include any details of other birth relatives  i.e siblings
It may have taken you a long time to come to the important decision of tracing a birth relative, which is why this service undertakes searches with care and ensures that all avenues available are meticulously checked and searched.

Please take the time to read some of our testimonies from other clients TESTIMONIES

The UK Adoption Tracing Service is registered under the Data protection Act 1998, Reg No:Z6344671

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Confidentiality and sensitivity is always ensured, as is the dedication and focus sustained in tracing your birth relative.  Although finding a person can never be guaranteed, all avenues are diligently and meticulously searched, and our success rates for 2015 was 98.5% and in 2016 was 98.8%, and of which we are very proud.



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