"The UK Adoption Tracing Service has been established primarily for the benefit of adoptees who are seeking a way to sensitively find and contact a relative in the United Kingdom."

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Registration is very quick and costs a one-off nominal admin fee of £4.00.

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The person you are looking for could already be registered and searching too.

A personal log-in name and password is given to you so that you can check back at the site as often as you wish at no further charge. 
Your details will remain on the database ready to be matched with any future enquirer, if a match is not immediately found.
If no match is found at this time, you would be welcome to use our full tracing facilities.  Please visit the Tracing a Birthmother page

The UKATS Adoption Contact Register allows all people to check to see if their relatives have registered and are also searching.
Your name, date and place of birth will be cross-checked with all other entries on the database.  If a match is found you will receive notification immediately.  The UKATS Adoption Contact Register is confidential, your details will not be openly shared.

It is strongly recommended that an intermediary service is used in the event of a match being made, and details of a registered intermediaries will be given at this time.  Please use our Resources page for links to intermediary services.