"The UK Adoption Tracing Service has been established primarily for the benefit of adoptees who are seeking a way to sensitively find and contact a relative in the United Kingdom."

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UKATS Background Information


The UK Adoption Tracing Service (UKATS) will provide a comprehensive service to adopted people in tracing their birth relatives, using all resources that are currently available to researchers and ensuring that each enquiry is dealt with in an honest and sensitive manner.


In 2001 UKATS was primarily established to combat the expensive charges that are made to people who have a human basic need in searching for their birth relatives.

In many instances, difficult searches proved to be very expensive especially when charged per hour. We felt that many people who did not have the time to trawl through all the available databases and registers ended up with escalating costs and paying for a very sensitive and core need - finding the missing piece of self. So we wanted to provide a service that would be fair in price by charging a flat fee and committed to providing an individual and personal approach to each case taken on.

The main researcher will take on only a few people at one time to ensure that all avenues are searched diligently and each case remains personal, ensuring time and effort is dedicated to those that are being currently worked for. As a committed Christian and an adoptee who has searched, found and contacted birth parents and siblings, experienced reunion and subsequently undertaken much research, adoption issues are well understood. Having worked for a major UK children's adoption agency, administering the project associated with section 51 counselling and birth relatives in contact has helped ensure that information about researching, legislation and adoption issues remains current.  Links within the adoption world are prolific and work is often undertaken for and with Social Services Post Adoption Departments in the UK.

Searches can only be considered if the adoption took place in the United Kingdom, although international enquiries are welcome, as helpful information can be given.